Help yourself and others living with Spondyloarthritis by becoming an advocate for change and improvement.


Be Informed

To become an advocate, it is important to be informed of the issues by reading the Reports from the Arthritis Alliance of Canada:

It is important to stay up-to-date on the issues by regularly browsing our website for updates and news as well as the Arthritis Alliance website.

Create Awareness

Create awareness of the issues by telling friends and family about the issues and needs relating to Spondyloarthritis. Also spread awareness through your personal social networks.

Write or call your MP, MPP, Minister of Health, Premier to raise the issues with them. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage the new Liberal Federal Government. Write your own letter or use and modify the template here: Letter to Local MP Template.

Once you have written your letter, follow up with a meeting with your MP. Here are MP Meeting Tips.


Get Involved

Connect with us today to become a member and help us spread awareness.