Support groups

Support where you need it

Find support for spondylitis where you need it — right next door. Our local support groups are here to help.

Find a group

Find out if there is a local support group near you by contacting your provincial representative, who will put you in touch. Your representative can also put you in touch with someone in our network of local contacts.

To find the name and contact information of your representative of any groups in your area, please select your nearest province or territory.

For additional information on resources in your region, visit our In Your Province page.

Opportunity Awaits

No active support group or local contact for your area? Why not implement one? If you are interested, we can help by sending you guidelines for establishing a group or becoming a local contact. We can also contact members in your area on your behalf.

We would like to see a strong network of branches, support groups or local contacts, so we encourage anyone interested in volunteering as a leader to contact us.

Groupe de soutien du Suroit Arthrite & Arthrose

Valleyfield Region Branch

Gatineau Branch (Launching Soon!)

Kitchener Branch

Toronto Branch

Contact Name: Tema Smith

Hamilton Branch

Contact Name: Marilyn Walsh

St. John’s Branch