Art Therapy

Curious about Art Therapy? 

The CSA is holding a roundtable session to understand from you – the expert – how people living with SpA would benefit from Art therapy. We want to hear from interested individuals or those who may have had experience with art as a form of therapy. 

Interested? Email execdirector@spondylitis.ca

 Art therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach to help individuals engage in a process of creation and self-reflection through drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, etc. Art therapy mobilizes the creative potential and can help you better understand yourself, your emotions, symptoms, and responses to living with your disease. No artistic skill is necessary to benefit from art therapy.

What to expect with Art Therapy?

We’ve included a great video below outlining what you should expect when your participate in Art Therapy.

How Art Therapy changed my life

Hear Christina’s story. She struggled with mental illness issues and Art Therapy helped her be able to open up.

For more on Art Therapy:

Click here for a great article from Psychology Today on the psychological benefits of Art Therapy